Business Consulting

  • Strategy & Business Planning - We provide hands on advice in the development of robust strategies and actionable business plans. Our deep expertise and extensive toolkit in strategy and business planning means that we are typically able to do this in accelerated timeframes.
  • Market and Export Development - We can assist with the assessment, prioritisation and exploitation of business opportunities in new markets. We have particular expertese in the Irish Republic, Mainland UK, Continental Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.
  • Digital Strategy - We have multi-industry experience in helping businesses realise the true growth potential of engaging customers through digital channels. This includes identifying target customer segments, developing on-line propositions, designing innovative customer journeys and implementing e-commerce business models.
  • Performance Improvement - We have a unique accelerated approach to conducting whole of business reviews to identify key opportunities to improve bottom line performance. We have specific experience in working with companies to address critical performance issues including Cost Reduction, Sales and Marketing Effectiveness, Cash Flow Management, Business Efficiency and Process Simplification.
  • Business Transformation - We have an accelerated approach to assist companies to build robust plans and secure organisational buy in to fundamental business transformation. We typically work jointly with senior management to build the change agenda, design the transformation roadmap and develop a robust business case to ensure a successful execution.